September 2020

The latest member of "the nu company" family: nuseed based on cannabis seeds in three delicious tastes. 

July 2020

From now on we have the exclusive distribution rights of one of the leading American suppliers of CBD based products for PET and also humans for the Swiss market. We are very happy welcome you as a strong brand in our portfolio.

January 2020

Happy to present the brand new range of nu products. New flavours, new recipes and new packaging. Even better, even less waste. 

December 2019

It's so white.

nucao white is here - and a real innovation: tender-melting enjoyment, 65% less sugar - and no milk at all. So good that we can't even call it chocolate.

December 2019

The 4th of December, everything will be different. Please keep posted ...

November 2019

Ready for cold winter days.

New flavours - once again.

Taste it!

October 2019

New products. New flavours. And still handy out of the tube.

Strawberry - the queen

Raspberry - the vitamin bomb

Apricot - the fresh fruit

Sour cherry - strong in character

Peach - the healthy juice ball

Blackberry - the blue treat

September 2019

nucao and nupro products - more for our environment


It is our goal to assist in healing the planet, so that future generations can enjoy life as much as we have. This means that we want to keep any negative environmental impacts as low as possible, by using plastic-free packaging, green electricity, and working as regionally as possible. On the other hand, we want to create a positive impact on the planet as well. For each product sold, a tree.


The Reforestation Project

August 2019

We are pleased to announce a new partner at by r.o.d. with PURE BEGINNINGS - Organic Care. 


Pure Beginnings is a South African personal care brand which was established in 2006 and is now the leading organic baby & kids skin care brand in South Africa.


July 2019

Marmetube successfully closes a six-digit financing round with Square One Foods.

With their innovative concept, two guys from Hamburg have been making the breakfast world listen up since summer 2018. Currently, Marmetube products are available in more than 2,500 retail stores in Germany. And a further 1,000 sales points will be added in the coming weeks. Marmetube has now completed an investment round with Square One Foods in order to be able to present the further steps on the road to success. The Austrian company now holds 13% of Marmetube GmbH.

April 2019

We are pleased to welcome our  new partner at by r.o.d.: the nu company from Dresden!

January 2019

Marmetube in GALA's food check
Marmetube had a prominent appearance - alongside Helene and Florian - in 'Gala'. The new bread spread convinced the editorial staff.