We fight for tomorrow - the nu philosophy

We won't stop when you're full. Because what's the point of short-term happiness if we put our environment at risk in the long run? We don't want to wait for our grandchildren to respond. We want to use food as leverage in the fight against the climate crisis - and plant a tree for each sold product.

For each sold product* a mangrove is planted in Madagascar. So simple - so effective. This means a total of 305kg of bound CO2 per product - the emissions of a car trip from Rome to Stockholm!

Our partner for reforestation is the global NGO Eden Reforestation Projects. They employ the local population to revive almost completely destroyed mangrove forests. Mangroves bind 4 times more CO2 than tropical trees, are home to countless endangered species and form the basis of fertile soil for the local people.


*nucao / nupro

Post-plastic packaging.

The material of which packaging is made has long since become a matter of destiny for our oceans. We want to show that "plastic-free" is no longer a utopia - with packaging that disappears after a few months.